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TSVF Testimonials

See what our program recipients, students, teachers and more are saying about the work TSVF does by delivering free programs to bring awareness and resources for mental health.

Wellness Kits

"This is so cool that your foundation puts these together!"

- Sierra, School Health Teacher

TSVF Mental Wellness Kit

Katie, Middle & High School Health and Physical Education Teacher

"My classes are currently focusing on mental health and positive ways to relieve stress - especially during our state MI crisis with the Oxford shooting. Not only are our students affected by this but also there was a horrific accident that took one student’s life two weeks ago. Many students are suffering from anxiety, depression and are in need of an extra boost. Last year, they absolutely loved the kit. Thank you so much for offering this!"

Katie, High School Science Teacher

"Thank you for thinking of teachers, it’s very kind! We are going through such a rough time lately and the consensus of most teachers is that our jobs are really tough and makes many of us contemplate our jobs. Acknowledgements like this help us feel like we’re not alone. Thank you!"

Jaclynne, Elementary School Psychologist

 "I utilize the materials from the previous TSVF boxes regularly. My students love the mindfulness animal cards and the textured rainbow strips."

I loved all of it! I really like the mindful kids card deck because they're so simple and cute but could really be helpful for a lot of students to learn. The "stress can really get on your nerves" book is great for upper elementary/middle school kids too!

There was the most creative things in the kit, I absolutely love it.

It was perfect so well thought out .. I needed this for me and my students.

I am shocked at how amazing this box was !! Will definitly be ordering more in the future.

Oh, Shift Testimonials

"I liked that you could share experiences without judgement."

- Teen Camper at JCC

Oasis camp


  • I would recommend this workshop to a friend because it can help them become a better person


  • The workshop put me in a better mindset


  • It helped me realize that there are other ways to solving problems I have besides getting upset and arguing

Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 12.26.16 PM.png

JCC camp


  • I liked how it taught self awareness and the importance of self improvement


  • It helped me realize what and who was important in my life.


  • It helps people realize that they are not alone and other people are struggling with the same things as them

  • I would recommend it to a friend. Not only did I hear about effective strategies I’ve used in my life, but I also learned that people have more to them…


  • I liked the relaxed setting and the interactions with my peers that I might not have had otherwise.

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