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We ARE Making a Difference!



Even though this year has been difficult for everyone, we are still pushing forward to make a difference!

We have been working on new partnerships and initiatives to continue our mission to empower young people to take a stand against bullying, find support around challenges and embrace each other's differences.

Here are two great initiatives we've been working on through 2020 and will continue to work on with your support.


Oh Shift! for Teens- Fall 2020: 6 middle / high school students recently completed the six week, Oh Shift! For Teens workshop, sponsored by TSVF and led by youth empowerment coach, Keith Senzer. Here are some testimonials from past participants

"It helped me to realize what and who was important in life."

"It is a great experience"

"I liked that you could share experiences without judgement"

"I enjoyed the program and I believe it was very helpful"

"It helped me realize that there are other ways to solving problems I have besides getting upset and arguing"

"I liked learning that I don't have to get upset in all situations"

"I would recommend this to a friend who doesn't know how to handle situations without getting upset"

"It helps me realize that they are not alone and other people are arguing with the same things as them"


We are proud to sponsor the

#SameHere Schools program that has established a formal partnership with multiple school districts across Long Island to spearhead mental health programs and curriculum. 

Long-time mental health social worker and employee for Nassau County, David Hymowitz, is now working with #SameHere. David will work collaboratively with six school districts - including Locust Valley, Manhasset, North Shore, Roslyn, Sayville and Valley Stream - to implement #SameHere Schools curriculum inside more than 30 schools.

David will provide professional development for teachers and school professionals, as well as run programs with parents; #SameHere Founder, Eric Kussin, will work directly with students. Collectively, David and Eric will implement tools including the #SameHere ScaleSTARR cards (or "gym for the brain”). 

Ultimately, this new partnership will change the way in which schools implement social and emotional learning.


With a full time position dedicated to working internally within each school and collaboratively across multiple schools and districts, #SameHere will look to change the overall culture and conversations surrounding mental health - emphasizing that #5in5 of us experience life's inevitable challenges that affect our mental health. 

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