TSVF Junior Board

PURPOSE:  The purpose of The Sophia Valsamos Foundation (TSVF) Junior Board is to gain youth input and perspective on their peer’s challenges.  The Junior Board will identify, develop and provide input to programming to be delivered and/or sponsored by the foundation.  Additionally, the Junior Board will assist in fundraising activities to support the foundation in its mission.  



  • Grow TSVF’s youth outreach and community engagement

  • Promote healthy communication between peers

  • Provide for an opportunity for youth and teen participation in the foundation through specific projects, as well as by providing input to the Board of Directors



  • Junior Board Ambassadors will engage other youth and teens in their schools and community with various events in support of programming and/or fundraising efforts for TSVF

  • Complete a minimum of 20 hours of service each school year (September through August) in support of TSVF

  • Develop strong and healthy partnerships with fellow youth, teens, and adults

  • Develop effective communication and leadership qualities



  • Youth who are enrolled in 7th through 12th grades can submit an application for consideration

  • Commit to attending over half of the annual Junior Board Meetings

  • Meetings will be overseen by one TSVF Organization adult member

  • The Junior Board will meet with the TSVF Organization at least two (2) times per year

  • Create and facilitate at least three (3) school or community events, as approved by the TSVF organization

  • Mandatory attendance at the annual dinner, providing some volunteer time during the event

  • Responsible for completing 20 hours of volunteer work, including the events mentioned above

  • Ambassadors will demonstrate independent leadership among their peers, versus a “going with the crowd” mindset.

  • Ambassadors will conduct themselves in an admirable manner in their school, community and in their use of social media so that they clearly reflect the vision for the foundation.

  • Junior Board Ambassadors can be removed at any time by a TSVF Org member if they are not meeting minimum requirements or conducting themselves in a manner suitable with the foundation's expectations.

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